Seeking God’s Will for Asbury- part one

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When I was a teenager, I walked the railroad tracks a lot. They were my means of getting around. So wherever I went, it was important I paid attention to my surroundings.

I could not just rely on my eyes to watch for trains. I could not just rely on my ears either. I could not rely on my feet to feel the vibrations on the tracks. I had to listen with my whole body because people died walking the tracks. So I could not ignore my eyes. I could not ignore my ears. I could not ignore my feet. If a train was coming, I needed to know.

The church is the same because we are the body. Just like our bodies, each of us has a part to play in keeping the whole body healthy. We are not all eyes. We are not all ears. We are not all feet. Yet, we are all a part of the body. Therefore, as parts of the body, we all need to listen to what God is saying to the church.

When God wants to reveal His will to a church, He begins to speak to one of more individuals. If the ear hears, and doesn’t tell the body what it hears, how can the body react? If the eye sees, and doesn’t tell the body what it see, what will the body do? If the foot feels, and says nothing, how will the body change courses?

Whatever God says to you during these 40 days of fasting and praying, tell the body what you hear, see, or feel. What new directions does God want us to take? What new ministries does He want us to start? How can we reach others and fulfill the great commission? Where do we go from here? What has God laid upon your heart? ‚Äč

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